How is your SO when you're sick?

So.. I got the crud that's been hanging around our house. Ed had it, Charlie got it, now I have it.. UGH. I am NOT a good sick person at all. All I want to do is sleep until I feel better, but that's not possible with a 7 month old who is trying to grow a tooth. In the past I was with a guy who expected all to be normal no matter what I felt like. Boo on that.

So I feel like I'm lucky to have the bf. He doesn't expect anything when I'm sick. Today the gramma and one of his cousins came by to hang out with the boy so that I could rest for a while. I'm dang lucky!

He gets medicine for me if I need it, will make me a snack or bring me a drink and gets up with Charlie through the night. Now, as happy as I am about all that I feel terrible because I honestly do NOTHING around here when I'm sick. Hoping it blows over soon!

What's your SO like when you're under the weather?

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