Flying with a Toddler

So, we have a loooong day of flights coming up. Our itinerary will take us to the departing airport at 9:30am and we will not arrive at our destination until midnight east coast time. I am trying to plan out food for the day, and I'm sure we will eat at least one sit down meal in the airport, but as far as snacks for for my 2 yr old and for my very pregnant self... I want to take fruits, veggies, yogurt, string cheese, etc... I looked on the TSA website and it wasn't super helpful as far as these kinds of food go... I may try calling the TSA customer service line to see if someone can clarify, but does anyone have recent experience with this??

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    TSA website says you can have fluids outside the oz requirements if its breastmilk, bottled water, or juice and you are traveling with a baby or toddler and that you are allowed to have a freezable icepack with that. I have traveled with an infant before and had no issues with an ice pack with my breastpump/milk. I think I will end up calling just to be sure. My SIL is on the same flight and will have her son who is about the same age with her, so the information would be useful for her too...
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