Over tired baby

Hi Moms,
Need a little bit of advice. Lately, it's been so hard to get Freddie to nap. He was doing great until about two weeks ago. I take him to the office with me, and he has a really hard time napping here. I keep it darker and quieter for the most part. He rubs his eyes, yawns and his eyes get heavy, but he puts up such a fuss at times. I finally got him to sleep, but it was only after he tired himself out from crying so much. Normally, he is such a happy baby. It's when he gets over tired that it gets really difficult. Any ideas of what I could try? I have tried numerous things, but want to see what other moms have to say and what might have worked for them. Any advice would be so appreciated. :)

    Aveeno baby calming and comfort lotion then play some soft classical music and something familiar to sooth him.
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