What are your kids triggers?

We all know when our kids are probably going to get grouchy. It's different with each kid though. What might make one grouchy may not bother another kiddo.

With my daughter if I get frustrated or stressed out she totally reacts to it. Or if I ask her to clean, hehe. She's getting better with that one though, thank goodness.

With my son it is when he is tired. He gets so grouchy when he is tired or bored, but mainly tired. This is a big reason I try to keep him on a sleep schedule even though he is 10.

What about your kiddos?

    Tired and hungry are the main ones for Tristen. Also when he can't figure out on his own how to do something he gets really frustrated and angry.
      8Theresa Gould
      Older ones, too much on their plate.

      Younger ones, not enough sleep, not eating meals on time.
        Erik's daughter gets upset when there's no follow through on TENTATIVE plans for the day's outing. Even if we explain to her what tentative means like if an activity is weather permitted or if we have to research the costs to determine if the activity is within our budget. I don't get why she doesn't understand...It's like activities are black and white, no gray, and her refusal to acknowledge that something isn't in her favor.

        Erik's son is grouchy when he's hungry. I'll remind both kids that they need to eat before we go and that it'll be at least 2-3 hours before we all eat a meal again. I'll suggest that they pack a snack and bring a bottle of water to take with them. When they don't do this and Erik's son complains about being hungry, I remind him about my suggestion and that it was his choice to not pack a snack. I don't give in and buy him something so I say no to his request of buying him food. May sound harsh but it teaches him to be responsible next time and to make better choices.
          My son gets moody when he is hungry or tired but mostly tired. HI'm and his sister have sleeping schedule and ever since he has been very difficult around bedtime. It's kind of like he knows he should be in the crib because once he's in there almost immediate slumber. Yay for mom lol. Oh and my son is one.

          Our daughter who is four will get set off by alot of things. Mainly the word no and getting in the bath. She throws her little silent not so silent tantrums, grabbing her face with her fingers, sighing super loud, purposely as slow as a turtle. I just keep going like I don't see it and handle what needs to be done, then afterwards adress it.
            Bethany Reilly
            When Malachi is tired or hungry he gets soooo irritating! He will follow me and do anything and everything to make me mad. He will be so naughty until he eats or naps
              Melissa Middleton
              Jonah gets grouchy when he is tired or cannot have/touch something he shouldn't.

              My step-daughter, Jaina, gets grouchy whenever we tell her what to do...even the simplest things. She is nearly 12 so I am think it is puberty.
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