What do you know about "spice"?

I know this isn't a brand new topic, but for a few years now synthetic marijuana has become popular with the teen and young adult age group. It will get you high and it doesn't show up on drug tests. The problem is that the "high" can lead to psychosis, hospitalizations from side effects and can be quite addicting. This is nothing like actual marijuana, it's very scary indeed for people to get into. Thankfully it is generally illegal but because it doesn't contain an actual illegal drug it is hard to completely ban it. Instead there is usually an ingredient in it that gets classified as illegal for sale and then the manufacturers change the ingredients. Many states have the sale of it banned outright but it is still tricky.

This is more of a PSA than anything but it is worth looking into! Lots of people say this is the safe alternative to marijuana but it is ANYTHING but safe. Kids don't look into the safety of this kind of thing, generally speaking, though.

    This stuff is so scary! It is crazy what people are willing to put in their bodies just to get a high.
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