11 Ways to Reclaim a RELAXING Summer with the Kiddos!

Oooo boy.. this is a great article, Mamas!

In fact, I wish I could send it to a few friends so they would get the hint ;)

It's basically 11 tips on making Summer with the kiddos simple, hassle free, fun, enjoyable for ALL.. seriously, Summer isn't just a permanent 3 month vaca for the kiddos and for you to move at their every whim.. I wish some of my Mama friends would realize this..

My fav tip on the list is..

11. Summer doesn't equal spoiling.
At every age, kids think getting everything they want will make them happy, and it will be a very long time before they learn this isn't true. We know the truth, and if we don't teach this lesson early and often, the unbridled greed inspired by media can soon overwhelm our family's true values. Days at the beach are a treat. A family vacation is something special. Summer doesn't have to equal spoiling.

One friend I know literally does playdates EVERY DAY.. She's a teacher, so she is off with her kiddos.. but I mean.. come on? Really?

Tell me what you think Mamas!


    I like the article! I can relate to all of it?!? It was different a couple of years ago when Erik only saw his kids on alternate weekends and now that we're a 10 minute drive apart, the kids' mom will ask Erik to help her on occasion. So now we see the kids more than ever which is WAY COOL. I'm very happy about that.

    A lot of things Erik did to spoil the kids and it only ended up hurting them and making life more difficult for their mom after the kids were with us for a month during summer vacation. They had no bedtime. They were sleeping anywhere from midnight to 4a and getting up between 9a to 3p. This hurts kids' circadian rhythm as their bodies just can't handle such a dramatic shift.

    I'm also really proud of Erik for putting his foot down and standing his ground, saying "NO" and insisting that they do as they're told. This past weekend Erik's daughter told me that they need a strict parent in her home at her mom's because her mom is always giving in to her brother's every whim. I'm sure some of that is exaggerated, but at 11 years old, if she's saying she LIKES the boundaries that I am firm about in this home, that says tons about how kids really do crave parameters/boundaries.

    I could go on and on and comment about each point, but you get my drift...

    Thanks for sharing this article! It sheds a lot of light on calling parents out to be that role model 365 days of the year and not letting summer time be their vacation to slack off.
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