Washing baby clothes before or after the move?

New mom to be and I want to do this effectively. Erik and I will be moving within the next couple of weeks - God willing - somewhere in the same vicinity and not back to Portland with our families.

We have baby clothes and I know they need to get washed before baby wears them. However, during the move, I'm thinking the baby clothes might get dust in them somehow...like if I wash them now and pack them inside the dresser drawers as is without any protective plastic, etc...I'm thinking whomever helps Erik move will most likely pull the drawers out and move them separately so the dresser isn't as heavy when moving it. That's where the clothes could potentially get dust and who knows what else dirtiness that comes with moving.

If we move into a home with NO washer and dryer inside the unit or no laundry hook ups, and the baby clothes aren't washed yet, that means paying more out of pocket to get baby clothes washed at the onsite laundry.

Or should I buy a huge bin to store all the baby clothes once they've been washed and folded, that way I don't have to worry about dust and stuff during the move?

If you were me, how would you handle this washing of baby clothes effectively so I am not spending so much out of pocket? Where we live currently has a washer and dryer inside the house and all is paid for because it's one flat monthly payment.

    Danielle Keltner
    I would invest in a tub with locking lid and wash the newborn - 0 - 3 clothing. It's surprising how much more your belly will grow in the last 2+ weeks of pregnancy. I know I didn't think my third could get any lower. It made doing laundry very difficult. If you are feeling like "nesting" do all that you can. :) Good luck on the move!
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