So I am thinking my SO is not happy in our relationship anymore. He is extremely quite all the time and we don't really talk anymore. It breaks my heart because I think his family has a lot to do with it. they do not like me and his sister keeps sending him pictures of her and this girl all the time. Deep down I think she is trying to get him to leave me and I honestly don't know what to do. I love him so much and I try to get along with his family and everything. And know he is talking about leaving town for work and going to north Dakota or Montana. I am completely stumped.....and sad.......

    4Ariel LaCoste
    hugs sweetie. Maybe you could try to talk to him?
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    a mom to a beautiful little boy, Named Ben. I am 25 years old and when ben was first born he was born 2 months early. it was so scary he spent 20 days in the NICU. Then finally on September 12 we finally were able to bring him home.
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