Day 2 of Carter going to sleep on his OWN (:

So just last night we put up Carter's playpen in our room, We tried and tried for two weeks for him to go to bed in his room but each night he would scream and face would go purple so we put a stop to that and are now taking baby steps, Last night we decided to break him of us putting him to sleep and him sleeping with us, so we put the playpen up in our room, he cried maybe for half hour last night until I showed him the fan (he for some reason has to sleep in front of the fan, and of course it was outside the playpen) well he eventually went to bed knowing I was beside him but not holding him, Then I just now put him in there for a nap, I turned on TV, and he screamed until I got the fan again and showed him, so he curled up and I was actually able to walk out of the room and he's been fine since, Hopefully in the next couples days we will be able to transition it all into his OWN room in his actual bed (: keeping my fingers crossed.

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    yes, it felt amazing going to bed and having our own bed to ourselves and not have to be kicked in the back or face or pushed off the bed, we tried getting him in his own room but he's never had his own room since day 1, he used to sleep in his crib until he was 6-7 months old and then we would put him to sleep and eventually he just slept with us from there on out, and he's about to be two and we want our bed back lol. We love snuggling with him but he's becoming a big boy and needs to sleep in his big boy bed, so are taking it by baby steps first with breaking him of the habit of us putting him to bed and him sleeping with us, and pretty soon after he knows "hey its bedtime or naptime, I need to lay down and go to bed (on his own)" we will transition him into his actual bed.
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      Our 3 year old and 6 year old still like being put to bed by one of us. I have been trying lately to get them to go once and a while on their own. It's tough when they are creatures of habit and love the reassurance of being put to bed by mommy and daddy.
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