Potty training revamp!

I have learned so much about elimination communication and early potty training in these last 6 months. Looking back I'll definitely do one thing very differently. I focused too much on catching the mess and trying to guess at when she needed to go. I needed to focus more on teaching her how to TELL me she needed to go. With our next I will start younger so I can capitalize on their natural cues while they're still strong. While I'm doing that I'll choose a sound or sign that I'll use EVERYTIME the little one goes. Hopefully that will help them learn to say that sound/use that sign back at me.

Of course, I can't change what I did with Avery so we've had to do a bit of a revamp now that she's older. I can't guess when she's going to go anymore because she holds it so long. Now we're working hard to teach her the signs/words I should have started teaching her months ago. So we're bringing her to the bathroom with us and letting her go diaper free while signing/saying pee pee over and over again like idiots. It's definitely harder trying to change habits now that she's older.

Today I had a mini success though. She was standing near the bathroom naked when she suddenly put her hands up in the air. I thought that meant she wanted to be picked up but when I got close I realized she was pooping. I got her on the toilet and she went where she was supposed to!

She didn't use the correct words or signs but she did ask for help, so I'll call that a win :)

    8Theresa Gould
    Congratulations! Don't you wish you had someone who had used EC to teach you how to teach Avery? I know I did when I was potty training mine. My mom had us trained by a year but she was 1600 miles away when I was in the throes of potty training....so wished she had of been here or us there!
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