What ages go with the stages?

I'm curious on what your thoughts are here. What ages do you consider to be baby, toddler and preschool? Is it just me or do they kind of bleed over into each other?

A baby is definitely the first year of life. But toddler is after they turn one right? But they still seem like babies at that age! And a preschooler would be around three right? But to me they are still babies too, haha. I don't know, obviously there is a big difference in a baby and a three year old.

So I am thinking (just an opinion)
newborn to 2 is baby
two to four is toddler
four to five is preschooler

What are your thoughts on this one?

    8Theresa Gould
    Pretty much, but I've been calling my 3 year old a preschooler so I think 3-5 is preschooler and 1-3 is toddler or 2-3, depending on when the child walks. So I guess I think this way:

    newborn to 23 months baby
    2-3 toddler
    3-5 preschooler

    I do agree they tend to bleed together!
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