Thoughts on the HPV vaccine?

Have you thought about whether or not your child/ren will be getting the HPV vaccine, Gardasil?

I know there's a lot of debate over this one. I did a lot of research and I got my daughters thoughts on it before she had hers. I will do the same with my son, as it is not just girls who are supposed to have the vaccine!

What are your thoughts?

    the vaccine doesn't cover all of the different types...I unfortunally only got two out of my three third shot I couldn't get because I was pregnant..and I now have HPV and the doctors even said that if I had my third shot it wouldn't have mattered because that stran doesn't have a protection. So honestly yes I think if I had a daughter and she was old enough id have her get it, because its better to have it and hope to not catch a stran that is immune to the shot then ot get it have her contract HPV and find out it was one the vaccine took care of..better knowing you did all to protect then nothing
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