Can't believe my oldest daughter will be 16 this Wednesday!

I am so excited but sad at the same time cause my youngest is at her dad's:-( This will be the first time they have not been together on Birthdays..We are going horseback riding on her bady and her sister will miss out on doing that and getting pedicures done with us. It was supposed to be a girls day then do a bday dinner out to eat on Saturday. Only thing is my daughters bestfriend can't make it to any of the bday events and she is very upset. My daughter does not hang out with a bunch of people like most teenagers and I'm worried that the few people she did invite to the dinner will not show up, then she will be sad. We have never had any luck with birthdays! That's why she decided on a dinner instead of a party so hopefully she won't feel as bad if friends don't come cause she knows she will still have family and the people who care about her most there..I'm just stressing and hope it all works out. I can't even sleep thinking about how to make sure her birthday is special...

    Thank everyone..I wish we could plan it when her younger sister is here, but with her being gone for a month this summer it just doesn't work out. We would have to do the birthday two weeks before or two weeks after her birthday..And with it being her 16th birthday I didn't want to make her do that..Luckily we did get lucky enough that her lil sister will get to come to the bday dinner on Saturday..Because my youngest finally thought to write a note to her dad asking to be involved in some part of her big sisters birthday. He had told her before she could not go to anything for her bday and she was very upset and so were we.. I know it's better than nothing, but I really wish she could go horseback riding with us as well. Cause that's not something we can do very often because of money
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