Good Morning and Happy Friday Beautiful Ladies!

I just completed a digital interview this morning. And just to give a little insight, I had a phone interview yesterday with the same company which consisted of my son deciding 5 min. into it to have a fit and soon followed by saying "Yucky Poo Poo" over and over again! I was happy to hear they were still interested and wanted to proceed with a digital interview. So, I set up preparing early this am while lil man is asleep as its not a live face to face interview but a live digital on my part. He wakes as the system loads for system check through link emailed to me. After making him breakfast and situating him, I tried again.
First question was an essay/written question without a video recording. I'm finishing up and typing my last sentence about to click on "done answering" for the next question and the computer blacks out. Windows decided to configure and shut down my laptop without a prior warning message for me to delay it. After several failing attempts of setting back up, I was beginning to think my chance was over at this possible job.
Finally I get in the system and proceed to my interview. I had alternating questions from essay/written to video response recordings and I approaching my last question #6. The page closes and the system was kicked off as my computer felt the "hirevue" interview software consisted of malicious add-ons. At this point I was very tense and lil man began to call out to be let out of his chair.
I called the company explaining my mishaps and asked if I had a chance to finish etc. Feeling embarrassed and incompetent although beyond my control, I was lucky to continue and continue I left off.
I'm happy and Thankful that is over. I must say although no computer genius, this is the FIRST time I've encountered technical issues with my own computer regarding a work matter.

I am happy to finally share my quote of the day :-)

"Think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense".
~Rabbi Harold Kushner

Things happen for a reason, and although we may not understand why something is or isn't happening to us, somewhere down the line our eyes are opened a little wider and we begin to understand. And sometimes we just learn something from it instead. This was my first interview in over 4 years. I must say a good practice for the next and a reminder of possible stressful mishaps while meeting a deadline. A good refresher/practice moment for me prior to entering back into the workforce and whatever else I may gain from it. Ha ha! LOL! :-) Oh, I'm happy that's over now and I can enjoy my day :-)
Sorry for such a long post and thank you for reading this crazy moment. ;-)

Make it a beautiful day and weekend! And smile........ it's contagious :-)

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