Bummed Out.

I just can't shake this bummed out feeling. I want to be excited about the weekend but I got some bad news yesterday and just can't get over it. I know we'll be fine and figure everything out like we always do, but It was a setback I wasn't expecting. Money's been tight and this is going to make it even tighter. Plus it was so out of the blue I think I'm having a hard time processing. We're going out to a friends house tonight so hopefully it'll take my mind off things ...

What do you do when you're having a bummed out day?

    8Theresa Gould
    Usually if journaling doesn't help, I veg out in front of the tv as it helps get my mind on something else.
      Latosha Balkman
      Life definitely throes curve balls! I was worried about everything! But my husband is so calm! So now when he tells me "I will fix this" Or "We will figure it out" those words are comforting! And most of the time he is right. Just try to enjoy your night with friends.
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