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Yesterday I started the special K diet. When I was in high school it was the only diet that worked for me and made me feel better about my appearance. I didn't work out or anything while I was on it but I still seemed to lose weight. Well today I worked out to Richard Simmons videos that my fiance's mom owns. It was about an hour worth of cardio, toning, and balance workouts. It was easy enough for me to not quit on it, but still made me break a sweat. I feel pretty good. Karma watched me for about 30 minutes then I finished it while she was taking a nap. She is the best motivation I have besides wanting to look hot in a wedding dress lol. Later I plan on taking Karma for a walk around our subdivision. I don't think a little more exercise will hurt. Tomorrow I get to do it all over again and I am actually looking forward to it. :) Go me!

I eat a bowl of special k cereal in the morning, drink a protein drink between breakfast and lunch, eat a meal bar for lunch, drink another protein drink between lunch and dinner, then I eat a healthy choice meal for dinner. It's really easy, plus the drinks help you from getting hungry. I wasn't really hungry much yesterday and when I ate dinner the healthy choice meal filled me up. They have snack bars and other stuff too. If you don't want the cereal they have shakes instead. It's the best diet I've tried. Everything tastes good and it really does help your appetite.

And I felt amazing after I got done exercising. Makes me feel bad since I have been putting it off for so long. I didn't think I would feel as good as I do now.
I'm a super picky eater. They don't have many healthy choice meals that I like either so I just eat the same one or I eat a salad. When I first did the special k diet I started with size 18 pants and after a month i could fit into 15/16(depending on the brand). Unfortunately I moved afterwards and wasn't able to keep getting the stuff for the diet and put some weight back on. Never got back to size 18 tho. :) Like I said, it is the only diet that has ever worked for me. I've tried so many...
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    That's great that you have chosen to do something for you (and your daughter)!
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