Tell me about...

Tell me about your experience with getting your license?

How old were you? Did you pass the test the first time? Did anything funny happen while you were taking your test?

I failed mine twice before I passed. It was mostly nerves and the lady that gave me the test the first two times was very grouchy. The third lady was nice and I think that made a difference. I was 16 when I got my license.

    8Theresa Gould
    I was 16 and it was on my birthday too that I went for my license or at least the week of. It was my learners permit. Yes, I passed the first time. I don't remember anything funny happening during the test.
      I was 16 and failed the first time the lady was so mean! I didn't know the area very well and she didn't give me enough time to switch lanes. She told me to get in to the right lane than said I was going to need to get into the left turning lane there where to many cars and I was so confused how I was suppose to get over in time I tried, did it wrong and she failed me. second time went well even ran a yellow light still passed lol it was to late for me to stop tapped the breaks but went through I was sure I failed.
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