some guests in house

My son is not social, it is OK for me. But my son cannot say 'No' to anyone who tries to control him. what should I do?

    He is still pretty young, so that may take some time to develop. Some kids are just very sweet and generally pushovers. With a child like that role playing may work! You can say "Son, what would you say to someone that takes a toy from you?" and he might not know the answer. So you can say "You tell then that wasn't nice, they didn't ask. Please give it back." and have him try a few times with you. Take the toy from him and have him say that to you. Practice often and he will become more confident!
      8Theresa Gould
      I think as you teach him other things bring it around to be a strong boy who makes wise decisions by doing the right thing, even when others don't can go a long way. Eventually they get it, even if it is only tidbits at a time.
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