Do you love or hate your house?

Your house, apartment, whatever... do you love it or hate it? Or like most people do you fall somewhere in between love and hate?

I don't love our current home. I rent and I know this won't be a forever home for us. It's not awful, just not my dream home if that makes sense. The kitchen is too small and I have a dining space that's way to small for a full size table. It does have three bedrooms which was a requirement. It doesn't have a dishwasher which I hate. There are two full size bathrooms which I really like. So it's fine for now but nothing permanent.

How do you feel about your place?

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm kind of with you. We are renting as well and while I am forever grateful to our landlords for taking a chance on our large family, this was only a temporary stopping place before moving on to our "dream" of owning our own land.

    There are certain aspects I like about the house. It is spacious with five bedrooms and 2.5 baths, it has a basement. I love the swinging doors between the dining area and living room, where our front door is and where we wait on customers, as it gives it a closed off and separate feel when we are conducting farm business.

    I love the storage space we have, that the laundry room is right off the kitchen, that our bedroom is separate from the rest, so lots to enjoy. But like yours, our kitchen is too small especially for our family and our farm.
      I love our home.. we lived in a townhome before we bought our first home.. it's not too big but not small by any means.. it fits us just right.. (although feels MUCH smaller with Monroe here!).. it has 3 bedrooms, a full basement, awesome open lay out.. I REALLY want a patio in our big backyard.. but other than that, I love it. I fear whenever we leave it will be hard to go.. so many first memories here.. plus the neighborhood is darn right magical.. it's something out of a movie.. everyone is sweet, all homes well cared for.. great place for a baby to be :)
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