What do you think about single gender classrooms?

The research tends to indicate superior results from the single gender classrooms especially in high school.
Would you want to separate the genders between classes? Why or why not?

    Lynn Galbraith
    I think they learn better together, if the world was only one sex, then it would be different
      4Kimberly elam
      I think it would make it easier for them to learn without certain worries or distractions
        I know of some private catholic high schools that are all girls. Academically, I've heard they the girls excel and learn to be competitive and score high, have higher expectations, do better in school without distractions from boys....However, I also know of some girls who went boy crazy after school and during the summer because they didn't know how to be around the opposite gender.

        I have to agree with Brandy that separating genders is not how real life is or how society works. Why put them through culture shock?
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