has anyone else felt this way before?

I am 38weeks and I am feeling so depressed and scared. I will be a single mom, and I am due in 11 days and I am so scared. I have been getting so mad so quick, and then I will start crying randomly. I have been in a very crabby mood lately, and while I was driving today, I just burst out in tears. I hate the fact I will be a single mom, but it wasn't my choice. My ex-fiancé left me after I told him I was pregnant. And I haven't heard from him since that day. I think the fact that I am so close to my due date, and it is becoming more and more real, it seems to be hitting me that I am going to be a mom. Is this a normal feeling for most moms? Please don't judge me

    Oh honey, yes it is normal to be scared out of your mind to bring a baby into the world. I was a single parent when I had my daughter and I remember being terrified. How was I going to do it? I didn't have much experience with babies, what do you do with them? How was I going to afford to keep her in diapers? Would she be totally traumatized by having a single mom as a parent? Should I start saving up for the therapist or the college fund?

    And that little girl is 16 now. Wonderful kid, very sweet. Only slightly dysfunctional (I kid!).

    My point with sharing my story is that you CAN do this. Both of you will be okay, you really will. Your baby is going to see a strong momma who shows love and is their safe place in this world. You will even forget what it was like before you had them. Well, not totally but it will pale in comparison. :)
      Yep. Its hard being a single mom but try and have friends or family stay with you a for a couple weeks after you deliver if possible. It really does help. I stayed with my aunt and she's pretty much been mommy #2. And don't ever feel bad about your ex leaving. He's really gonna be the one missing out. And everything happens for a reason. After me and my ex-fiance broke up (he got into drugs and wouldn't get clean and was abusive) I met this great guy that loves me and my daughter and he's going to adopt her and he's super supportive. Just remember that if you get frustrated or upset when the baby's here, it's better to just step back and let your baby cry till your calm again because it can be very frustrating going at it alone. Good luck and if you need anyone to talk to, I'm here!
        my boyfriend told me to go fuck myself when I told him I was pregnant and I haven't heard from him since. I know exactly how you feel. Whether or not it's normal, idk. Find some one to talk to. It's hard and I do the random sobbing too. I'm 4 months and my depression has just been getting worse.
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