update came back from the hospital

Hey lady's well its done:( I feel so sad I am in pain I am swollen :( I cry and I do t know.

I went to the hospital at 7am.i was getting ready when they came and told me that I had to wait because there was an emergency.i waited for 8 hours to get my surgeryI was hungry because II couldn't eat anything.so when I got in the surgery room I was crying the doctors were very nice they put and iv I. And They told me I was going to relax.when I woke up I was In the recovery room.i was scared and said "where Em I" then I realize I was in the hospital..my husband was always there to support even tho he couldn't be with me:( then I eat something and came home.and I went to sleep I was very tired sorry for the late updated.

I am in pain. I am hurt and I have mixing feelings..:( it's hard to think I am not pregnant no more:((((

Lady's with your support it makes me feel so much better so a Lil comment will help me..

Thank you all mommy's for your prayers and support :) :(

    Amy Phroper
    :( so sorry. Big hugs mama.
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