Is saying your sorry really that hard?

My husband in incapable of saying sorry. I hate it. Whether it's a simple mistake or a big deal he will not say he's sorry. The only time I here him say it is when I get mad at him for it. Yesterday he forgot to wash Avery's milk cup so it was totally disgusting today. I was a little ticked off because this happens a lot and if he leaves it out she'll try to drink from it (gross!).

I confronted him and all I get is excuses/denial. "I did wash it! It wasn't like that last night" or "we were in a rush, I didn't have time" or "you should have reminded me".

It drives me crazy. All I'd need is a simple and sincere "I'm sorry, I'll clean it now. Next time I'll remember" and it wouldn't even be an issue.

Do the men in your life act this way? Is it just a guy thing or is it MY guy's thing?

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