my smart baby :(

for breakfast he tells me whether he wants milk, juice or water. and if he wants cheerios, bananas, grapes, pancakes and eggs.
he picks up the broom and says he is helping and sweeps the floor XD
he even helps pick up his toys.
we just got him leggos this week and he stacks like crazy and makes things.
last weekend he drew a picture! and as he drew it he told me what it was. the blue (alot of blue crayon on bottom of picture) was the Ocean! then a long pointy oval (red and almost shaped like a fish) coming out of the ocean was a Tree! then the red squiggle next to it was a plant :)
and now he likes to race across the room waiting for me to say "ready set go" before he jets off.
not to mention we played hide an seek recently and he covered his face and counted "two three four TENy" LOL
he also knows alot of colors and can pick objects out of a book and say them.
he "fixes" his cars/motorcylces with tools.
and he knows how to swim! he taught himself(lifevest)

sorry for the Information purge XD

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