Tell us your birth story!

I love hearing birth stories, they are always so interesting!

With my daughter I was being monitored for having low amniotic fluid. It was a Thursday, my doctor checked and said the levels were getting lower so he wasn't comfortable with her staying in. I was I think a day overdue at that point so he told me to go tot he hospital to get the overnight cervadil and be admitted.

So, we rushed around getting my bag and getting to the hospital. That night was pretty uneventful, I had the cervadil (gross) inserted near my cervix.

The next morning they started my IV and the pitocin around 9 am. To make a long story short, I got my epidural, puked a few times, had the shivers and had warm blankets put on me and then I felt fine. At about 5:00pm it was time to push. I had her at 5:36 on May 27th, 1998. It wasn't that bad at all!

I will share my sons birth story in a few minutes. :)

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      I was due to be induced on the 8th and Lucas came on the 9th at 2:03 pm. I was induced at 3pm and it's pretty boring from there haha. Nothing was happening!!! I went in already about 3cm dilated, but no contractions. I felt nothing going on in my tummy. Around 11pm, the nurse suggested an epidural just in case things really started going and I agreed. (Mainly because the doc to do it would be an hour away and if contractions came on suddenly, an hour away would suck so bad!) So, I got it and slept on and off all night. My doc broke my water on one of her visits throughout the night, but I had no idea. I was tired and sleeping a lot haha. I still felt no contractions, though now I wasn't sure if I wasn't contracting or it was the epidural haha. In the morning, about 7:30, I was only about 4.5cm dilated. The doc came back at around 10:30 or so and I was the same! Ugh. So, she decided to let gravity due the work. I was laying down all night, so she sat me up. I was all 10 cm by noon!!! Time to push!! It took two hours to get that boy outta me!!! He didn't want to come with just me pushing, so they had to use a suction thing on his head and I hated that so much. It took skin off of his head and he had scabbing for a while. But 3 pushes with that thing and he was out! They had warned me if it popped of his head twice then they would do a c section. It only popped off once. The pressure hurt pretty bad, but it was quick and easy for me. 2 hours felt like 20 minutes for me. He came out vaginally, and absolutely perfect. Some even thought he was a c section because his head was shaped so perfectly. The umbilical was wrapped around his neck only one or two times, so he came out a little blue. But they took it off and he was perfectly fine. Of course his fat 14.75 cm head caused me to have an episiotomy. He was 8 lbs 10 oz and 22 inches long! Everything went so smoothly and perfect, I wouldn't change a thing. I hope my next goes just as perfectly. :)
        With our oldest, his due date was April 3, 2006. Well March 31st we were out to dinner with my in laws at a chinese restaurant place and I ate my fortune cookie and read the fortune(I dont usually take the fortune readings seriously because I am not a superstitious person), but the fortune read something you are expecting will happen sooner than you think(that was about 6pm) and then at midnight my water broke at home. Labored until 4pm that afternoon and pushed for two hours and he was born at 6pm on the dot.

        With our second one, he was due originally Oct 12th, but we had to have a scheduled c section with him on Oct 7th because he was breech.
          My story is much like yours Melissa. I went to hospital to monitor my water level. They let me go and told me to drink lots of water overnight and come back the next day. After the monitoring the next day they said that I would have to be admitted and be induced. Ok I we go. They let me go get all of my things and come back a little later, but I could not eat or drink anything. I came back, checked in and they got me right into a room. They did the cervidil thing to me also (owww!!!) and hooked me up to the pitocin. I didn't really feel any contractions. It just felt kind of numb and tingly in my belly with a little bit of pain. The pain became a little worse and they gave me demoral, which didn't really help with the pain, but helped me relax. LoL I only got to 2 cm so they decided to stop for the night and let me relax. I had been on the pitocin for many hours and was going nowhere with it. They said they would start me again in the a.m. Well at 4:05 in the morning I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. When I stood up there was a great big warm gush that came out of me. I thought I peed myself! I called the nurse, they came down and told me that yes my water broke. They monitored me all night, got my pitocin early, epidural around noon, which really helped me relax. I felt no pain!! YaY! This also helped him to drop, because he was still way up and I dialated quickly. My mom arrived around 3pm and at 4:05pm after 2 pushes my Colton was born! I never loved something more in my life.
            I had issues with going into preterm labor 3 times, the last time I was hospitalized for a week I got out when I reached 35 weeks, I was almost sent to indy. Well I went for my check up at 37 weeks which was a Monday, he sent me to the hospital because on his monitor I was showing close contractions (I was confused because I only felt pain in my back but not bad pain) the sent me home, I went back 2 days later (Wednesday) he sent me right back to the hospital, they almost sent me home late that night until the pain moved to my stomach and It hurt and was hard to breathe and they were 5-6 minutes apart. So they sent me to a delivery room to be monitored over night,

            Lets just say I DID NOT SLEEP whatsoever, I was in so much pain, Pain I never imagined, I remember 5am (Early Thursday morning) rolled around and I yelled at josh to go get a nurse, he said there is a call button for ar eason so I threw my flip flop at him, yea I was not a happy camper, I was cursing and bout to throw everything I was in so much pain, finally a nurse came and checked me, Said I was 5.5 cm, I was in full labor, asked if I wanted my epidural since I'm over 5 cm now (since I wasn't 38 weeks they refused to give me any medicine or help me go in labor unless my body went into labor itself, which obviously it did, well we then called out moms and within the next half hour my room was filled.

            Dr came in around 8:30 I was at 6cm but water hadn't broken yet. He then confirmed that this baby was coming. When he came back at 8:30 he had to break my water because I was stuck at 6cm but my contractions were so close together I should've been pushing by then, by 9:00pm I was pushing, I remember asking if he was almost out, when can I stop pushing, and then the Dr said "Grab your son and lay him on your chest" (yea josh and I pulled out our son) I remember I went to reach down there and all I saw was a big cone, I threw my hands up and screamed what is wrong with my son's head! everybody laughed at me, then I laid him on my chest and cried, everything went blurry and all my pain vanished instantly, like I had no pain at all.

            I remember my mom said "Dreya he's got your feet! but everything else is josh" my son was born at 10:30 that Thursday night, august 23rd weighing 6lbs 7 oz 21 inches. I also remember almost punching a blonde nurse WHILE I was pushing she had the nerve to hit on my boyfriend. yea I never saw her again after my son arrived. People always ask me how long I was in labor and I always say I'm not sure, what would you define as labor? from the morning when they confirmed I was in labor? or labor as in after my water broke? because if it's from the confirmation then I was in labor from 8:30am-10:13pm, or if its after the water broke at 8:30pm I started pushing at 9 and he was born at 10:13.
              Well when I was pregnant with my daughter I had to be induced when I was 38 weeks because I had really high blood pressure and my midwife wanted me to check into the hospital at 2 a.m. so I can get checked in and hooked up to my IV's and a fetal monitor then they put my pitocin in me and it didnt really kick in until like that sometime in the morning then like every hour or so they came in and checked to see how far dialated I was. Then about 11 or so that afternoon my midwife came in to break my water then not even 5 minutes after she did that I started to have really bad contractions then they came in with my epidural and as soon and she put it in it started to kick in.. Then about 5 or 10 minutes later I was feeling alot a pressure down there wanting to push so I told my husband to call my nurse because I was really to push.. I only pushed 3 or 4 times and then she came out.. My daughter was born on February 18, 2014 at 1:04 p.m. She weighed 7lbs 15oz and 20 inches. And we named her London Ashlyn McFaul...
                With my 4th child my water broke at home at about 8:30 pm. I went in at 10:30 after I got my other kids to the sitter. We figured that it would be quick and home after 24 hours. Labor went goid but the epidural was only working on one side. At 5:10 and only one and a half pushes my beautiful little girl Adalynn Dale was born. Unfortunately at 10am I hemorrhage twice and was in the OR at 12. I had a blood transfusion the next morning and she got jaundice because I was having a hard time breastfeeding her because of the meds they gave me. So we had to stay an extra night but we are still breastfeeding strong at 7.5 months.
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