would you support embryonic stem cell research?

Despite the potential benefit of using human ES cells in the treatment of disease, their use remains controversial because of their derivation from early embryos.
Personally, I would not support such a research because I believe that a human life is starting from the very beginning-fertilization.
No negative comments, please. Let's respect everyone's opinion.

    I would not because there are other ways to obtain stem cells for research. While that field is fascinating and promising, I would not be comfortable with embryonic stem cell research.

    This to me makes much more sense:

    Perinatal stem cells. Researchers have discovered stem cells in amniotic fluid in addition to umbilical cord blood stem cells. These stem cells also have the ability to change into specialized cells.

    Amniotic fluid fills the sac that surrounds and protects a developing fetus in the uterus. Researchers have identified stem cells in samples of amniotic fluid drawn from pregnant women during a procedure called amniocentesis, a test conducted to test for abnormalities.

    More study of amniotic fluid stem cells is needed to understand their potential.

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        I don't support it, basically some things shouldn't be tampered with.
          Have no problem with it whatsoever - i.e., I totally support it. Those embryos are either no longer living or will be discarded after IVF.
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