Taking snacks into the movies, is it ethical?

My kids love going to the movies. Although I am not a huge fan, I will take them if there is something we all want to see. However, I hate paying the prices for the snacks there! We usually bring snacks in with us, and I know it's against the theater rules. This is one of those things I can't bring myself to feel bad about though.

So, do you bring snacks in with you? Why or why not? Is $12 for a tub of popcorn fair?

    We always bring our own snacks and drinks. Every once in a while we will buy a soda at the theater but usually we bring our own stuff. I think its crazy to pay 5x the amount at the theater for something I could buy before hand for regular price.
      Lol I use to work at a theater and it is crazy expensive, even for a kid popcorn. I know plenty of people do and there's not much we could do if its hidden in a bag. It was only annoying when teens would want to go in with a mcdonald pop or a big slurpee, they leave the cups and make a mess. But if you think about it as a mom you pack snacks for all kinds of things. My sister would pack them for the zoo, beach, park.
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