What is your parenting "hill to die on"?

I know a lot of us imagined we would parent a certain way before we had kids. Then you get a dose of reality and realize you need to adjust your expectations.

What is the one hill to die on you have though? That no matter what, you will not bend and you will never change your mind about?

For me it was the food issue. I always knew I wouldn't force my kids to eat things they couldn't stand, or force them to clean their plate. As long as they were healthy and gaining weight I just refuse to let food become a battle. I don't let them eat cake all day either, lol. I offer what I offer and will allow for certain substitutions based on likes or dislikes. I think forcing things makes the situation much worse than it has to be. Of course as I mentioned, growing and remaining healthy is the main goal.

What about you? Any hills to die on?

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      I will not compare my children or let anyone else do so. I was always compared to my older sister who were very smart in the books but not in the street smarts. I am completely opposite.
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