Stay at home or work at home, what were the reasons?

I certainly don't want to start a debate, whatever you chose for your family I am sure you made the best decision possible. My question is how you came to the decision?

I worked after I had Mini, she was about a year when I went back. I didn't after Bub though. He was such a high needs, extremely fussy baby that it wasn't the best thing for HIM. I did go back for a very short time, a week I think? The day care called me every single day. I was worried they would lose patience with him and my (now ex) husband and I agreed it would be best if I stayed home with him.

How did you make this decision?

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      Tristen was a very high needs baby and refused to drink from a bottle no matter what we tried. He went into what the doctor called "shut down mode" and he told us that I was just going to have to nurse him otherwise it could be dangerous for him. He honestly would just go to sleep every time you tried to put a bottle in his mouth. Even if it had been hours since he ate. Our plan was for me to go back to work but it wasn't Tristen's plan. Lol
        Our parents were not so able to help out, and I had had to leave my job at Subway to take care of Nina. Trevor had no job though he had been peeking at Air Force stuff, but once we actually had Nina, Trevor asked me to stay home with her. His dad died when he was 4, and my parents were divorced, didn't get along AT ALL, and generally weren't around. He wanted Nina to grow up with at least one of us around, instead of us working like 2 jobs a piece and never seeing her.
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