Natural water birth

I want to have a natural water birth with a midwife. I will be moving to DeSoto/Dallas, TX 3 months before I'm to deliver and I am not sure to even try to look. Any suggestions?

    I had 2 water births where my midwife actually allowed me to do the delivery. It was great
    I was looking at natural birthing options and this seemed the best. Baby comes out of water into water. Not some cold dry air.
      8Theresa Gould
      Are you going to have a home birth?

      I do not know any of theses midwives personally, but the list seems to cover the Dallas area, maybe you could start phone interviewing them and making appointments for when you are moved:…

      I have never had a water birth but have heard lots of good things about them. Good luck!
      Thanks ladies. I found a midwife in Grand Prairie that accepts my insurance. Betty at Special Beginnings.
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