Hey Everybody

I'm back. Had a good time visiting family.

    The trip down wasn't bad-but I left pretty early. Had to go a different way because I didn't want to sit in construction and the kids were worried they 'wouldn't see their cows'. LOL We spent most of the weekend by ourselves because everybody else had the gas money to go to Kansas City to see grandma.. Oh well. Brought home some yummy egg rolls (Americanized Filipino-style LOL)... Eva cried almost the entire six hours home-she missed grandma. But Grace slept the whole way home, didn't even want to eat.
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      She did. And she got hooked to her aunt-even asked daddy and uncle if we could 'keep her' lol.
      The recipe my mom has came from a missionary friend who was stationed in the Phillipines in the '70s. They got this recipe, then came home and couldn't find the same ingredients here, so she went with what she had-beef, carrots, celery, mushrooms and fried in an egg roll wrap. I can send you the recipe tomorrow.
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