Boy I tell ya, I will 31 weeks this Thursday, and if I squat down I can't get back up! I feel like my legs are gonna give in. But it hurts to bend over, and God knows I can't make it all the way down bending over anyway.

No, I haven't tried that. When I said that it hurts to bend over, I meant my stomach, because it is so big and in-the-way. And because it is so big and in-the-way, I can't bend over all the way anyways if I'm standing straight. Lol. So when I drop something or have to pick something up and I can't get it with my toes (LOL) I have to at least halfway squat. And I just feel like I can't make it back up! Haha.
    I remember those days. When I got big my boss at work caught me staring at a paper clip on the floor and he asked me if I was ok and I explained to him that I was trying to dicide if I wanted to go through the hassle of pickin the stupid thing up and risk getting stuck on the floor. Lol he started making people pick things up for me. It was kind of embarrassing but a relief too. Sometimes it's just not worth it to pick up what you dropped.
      Charmainee Frank
      Im 37 weeks and 1 day.. and i cant walk.. its so hard to do ANYTHING! i feel your pain. Lol.
        Sidney i am 35 weeks and i experience the same thing. its like the leg is dead. its almost over now thank God.
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