over riding the other parent. what to do?

so my daughter misbehaved yesterday and her punishment was she was not allowed to play with her friends today and had to clean her whole room. this morning my husband didnt want to get up and do something so when she scurried in and did it for him he told her that she could go play with her friends. then he doesnt see how this is undermining me. any suggestions?

    Oh, I'm so sorry. I would be livid, as I imagine you are!

    Just talk to him. Tell him that you have to be a united front or she will learn that if one parent says no, the other may say yes. Ask him how he would feel if the roles were reversed and you did that to him.

    And is it possible that he "doesn't see" how it is undermining you because he might have to admit he is in the wrong? Some people are stubborn like that.
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