Exersaucer.. Exercise!

Hooray! It's a big day in the S household.. Monroe got his very own exersaucer! And boy... he loves it :) We started to realize the little peanut was getting restless pretty fast in his bouncer, Mamaroo and rolling around on the floor.. so onto the next step.. vertical play! haha!

Mamas, did your little ones love their exersaucer? Monroe spins himself around quite easily, has been batting some toys.. talking to them.. I do notice he gets tired and cranky after a bit in it, I suppose it feels like a lot of work :) hehe

    My kids loved it. And I loved it too! When they woke up super early, I'd drop them in the exersaucer for 30 minutes and go back to sleep on the couch nearby. I jokingly called it the "wheel of neglect"!
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