got a question for the mommas! :( Help???

what are the symptoms of a miscarriage??

    well, i started bleeding yesterday about 1 but it wasnt that bad then i got home and it got worse. i didnt have any back was hurting and i had a headache...then i went in to take a shower and i used the bathroom and a clot of blood came out,,,my fiancee says the first thing that came to his mind about the clot was a miscarriage..
      my fiancee talked too a nurse but she wasnt much help but, im gonna go to the hospital too see whats wrong...i hope everything is okay :'( but, ill let yall know when i find out whats wrong,
        Carla - I hope you are okay. What you have described absolutely sounds like a miscarriage to me, though I can't be sure, of course. At just over 4 weeks, if you did get an early pregnancy test that was positive, it may be that the pregnancy was really not viable to begin with. I usually wait until my period is one week late before testing. HOWEVER, it is possible that it could be something fairly benign. You really won't know until you see a doctor. They will probably do a blood test to check hcG levels and an ultrasound. Best of luck!!
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