This is a random and funny post.. but do you Mamas always wear eyeliner? And if so, on the top, bottom or both? I have been notorious for always wearing it on the top and bottom.. when it wasn't on, I felt like I looked so tired and funny or even sleepy.. but lately, I am trying to embrace a more natural look and love my features.. (I know.. maybe silly), but I started to only wear it on the top.. and goodness, I am loving it. I feel like it brightens up on my face and eyes to wear LESS! :)

Tell me your thoughts or what you do Mamas!

    It's not silly, Meg haha. I hardly ever wear make up haha. I used to every day but it was a waste of time in my opinion and a waste of money haha. Now I only wear it when David and I go out. I wear eyeliner on top and bottom. :)

    I always wear it around my parents though otherwise they say I look sick. -_-
      I normally wear top and bottom unless I'm wearing super dark shadow and then I do bottom only.
        Either way I have a 7 min routine... with glasses I use liner top and bottom. With contacts I use eye shadow to line top. I start with my miracle eye cream (good bye bags and circles), apply a highlighter to inner eye, quick neutral shadow, and mascara. throw some lip gloss on and out the door we go.
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