23 Texts that become SEXY once you are a parent :)

Oh Mamas.. this article/post is funny and SO relatable! Even just having a 5 month old.. these made me and my husband laugh when I read them out loud to him the other night! It's so true.. the premise of this article goes to show how much life, all of it, just completely changes once you bring that little babe home.. someone SO tiny just changes it all :)

I will share my most relatable one... and you do the same!

Stopped by the store and picked up some nipple cream for you.

Ha! Honestly.. I think that text happened a time or two.. and my husband really did seem like Prince Charming when I read it :) hahaha!

Which one is most relatable for you?


    Almost all of those except the last 5 have been said, ha ha.
      Amanda Hurley
      Are the kids asleep?? I just cleaned the kitchen. This is actually a common text in our house. Something about my husband cleaning after he gets home from work just gets me going.
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