Article: Mom told to cover up cleavage in Disneyland

This mama is a more curvy and busty woman and was approached by a park worker and told to cover up. She, her husband and kids, were on vacation and she said this ruined their vacation. She didn't think she was wearing anything bad and that she was approached because she was bustier than most.

I am a bustier woman than most, and I know it's harder to cover up sometimes. But she said she was wearing a shirt and an undershirt. She wasn't breastfeeding or anything either. I feel like this was a little ridiculous. I've seen people walking around Disney in their bathing suits.

What do you think?…

    Without seeing a picture, I simply can't say. I'm not super busty at all, so I also can't relate - haha! However, I do think if you have a more "curvacious" figure, you need to do more to cover it up. I think some of the things I see women and girls wearing these days is ridiculous - first of all, it often doesn't even look good on them, and second, it shows (in my opinion) a lack of self-respect for their own bodies. But, like I said, since I can't see what the woman wore, I can't comment in this particular circumstance.
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