going crazy staying home doing nothing

I stay at home qith my daughter while her dad hoes out and works. I dont like not being able to contribute to our income. I want to find a job to do from home but dont know of any. I have not had even one job in my entire life and to add to it i had 2 credits left and dropped out of high school. Any suggestions?

    Most jobs I feel with require a GED or diploma, so that's my first step in suggestions for you. Other than that, work at home jobs are hard to find and there are a lot of scams out there, so be careful!!

    Here's a great list, I hope you can find something!!
      hi angelica! I can understand how frustrating it can be wanting to contribute more than what you're doing while your partner is at work. I hope you realize that by staying at home you are helping out; you are contributing to the care and well being of your daughter and saving on daycare costs .

      I agree with Cassie about at least finishing your high school credits with a diploma or GED. I think there are some online courses you can take to help you with that, and they should be little to no cost.
      By preparing yourself to be marketable (finishing high school credits) is definitely a good start. I don't know if you are aware of this, that kids' personalities are formed/forming by the age of 2. That means your one on one time with your daughter is so very valuable because you are helping shape who she is. You get to set the foundation for what she learns and what she comprehends. I know a lot of mothers who would rather stay at home because they want to be the primary influence on their child not some daycare provider. I hope your guilt is replaced by a mother's pride of knowing that you are doing everything you can to be your daughter's best mom and self determination to follow your pursuits :-)
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