Listening at early age ???

my baby is only 4 months and he does very well with listening to me when I tell him "it's ok" for example when we go swim he will kinda whine at first because the water is a bit chilly so I tell him it's ok or it's alright and he instantly calms down and knows that he is ok:) or when I say " stop that whining " he just stops and smiles. I just love how a tiny blessing can learn so fast!!!! Is this happening to anyone else:)!!??

    When your baby hears your voice he's comforted by you, when reassuring him it's okay. I know babies seem to respond when spoken too and whether they really know what we're saying or not it's cute to watch their response. My daughter is almost 9 months and she understands what some words I say to her mean, for instance when I say up she lifts her hands up for me to grab on or pick her up.
      8Theresa Gould
      Ours definitely responded to our voices. Glad he's doing so well!