pregnant or not ????!!!!

so i have not given up trying just not planning it or thinking about it as much (at all) ive been focused on moving and my daughters birthday that recently passed. but i missed my period last month all together and now this month i had bleeding since Thursday night like ten o clock it started and the night before me and my fiance had relations so i had spotting afterwards. then i had noticed it was super light no clots like normal and then stopped today and that isnt normal either. ive been head aches and very sick in the morning just no throwing up and i get super dizzy when i move to fast or turn my head to quickly to the point some days im unable to walk i have an appointment on the 18th that was the soonest they would see me and all of this has been since the end of june till now so im just wondering any ones thoughts on this or am i just a crazy person i have been trying to get pregnant since feb and no luck then in may i had given up hope and didn't stop trying but just came to terms with what ever happens happens and just have been having intimacy more just not driving my self nuts about getting pregnant. but yeah if any one could help me out that would so super amazing :)

    8Theresa Gould
    I'd take a test just to see. Hoping for the best for you!
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