Will you ever have enough money to fall pregnant

Your opinion on waiting untill you have enough money to get pregnant?

    My opinion - no, you dont have to wait. You will never have enough money - it's fake). I would say you should be sure you can feed yourself and your baby, and you know the ways to get money for living. This is enough.
    For someone "have enough money" means to own the yacht, and for someone - it means just to have few dollars for dinner. So... All depends on you.
      That's true, it feels like im never gonna have enough money, we will probably always have our things to pay, and I think you make sacrifices at the end anyway once the baby is there to pay for all the things
        I also feel that you cant wait for finances, and I actually want to get pregnant so badly, have baby fever, but my husband doesn't want to fall for it. :(
          I don't think you should have to wait. If you can feed yourself and have a roof over your head, everything else is just for fun and not needed.
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