When is too soon for a baby to walk?

My daughter is started to walk, she will be 10 month on the 18th july, and she doesn't stay to play or to crawl , she is crawling to me and after she is near to me she shook her hands and feet and she cries till I put her in her feet to walk around. Today in the parc she walk almost half a hour like those kids that are one year and a month or so, and she walk almost like them. I am a little worried because I think is too soon to walk and I don't know if I'm doing the right thing helping her to walk, when I help her she is happy. Today she took a toy of a bigger girl and play with it, it is a toy that it has to be pushed while the kid walks and I showed her how to play with and she was excited.
When she has something to grab to pull herself to stand up she does this but when she doesn't has she cries till I help her to walk.
What do you think it is too early for her to walk with my help? At what age your kids started to walk?

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    My son started walking at about 9 months. When they are younger just keep a little closer eye on them. But it is perfectly normal and ok for her to walk right now if she is ready :-)
      My daughter is doing the same thing, I think they're right on schedule learning to walk when they are ready and sounds like she's ready. My daughter likes when I say up she'll give me her hands and we walk around the house for hours everyday.
        9Michelle Fritch
        That is a normal age to start walking. Mine have all done so in the 10 month or so range. Nothing to be worried about, it sounds normal to me.
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