Which one of these mistakes have you made?

I have done #11. LOL! and #16.

    Number 16 staying up too late is the only one I've done and still do. This is the ONLY way I get some me time that is truly uninterrupted. I do check all of my kids occasionally at night (when I have that gut feeling something isn't right and that feeling is telling me to check on the kids) to see if they are still breathing but I NEVER poke or touch them to do this. I ALWAYS watch their chest rise and fall a few times before moving on to the next child.

    I will say my husband has done almost all of these and then after he's done them he tries to act innocent (kind of like a puppy after the puppy goes potty inside and the puppy knows better)
      "3. Clipping the tip of your baby’s finger when trying to cut their nails." -- Did this. Ellsie CRIED AND CRIED and I did feel like the worst mommy ever... but I did NOT promise her a pony. Absolutely not. lol

      "4. Letting your baby play with your phone without putting it on guided access." -- I didn't actually LET her... she happened to find it when I wasn't paying attention and proceeded to check me into the car dealership by my house at 10:00pm at night on Facebook so I then looked like a car creeper.

      "8. Poking your sleeping baby to make sure they’re breathing." -- I never actually POKED her... but I still lay my hand on her chest from time to time to check.

      "9. Laying your baby down on the bed for just a minute." -- There's a mom moment of her bonked head...

      "19. Leaving home and then realizing you didn’t bring enough diapers." -- I've only done this ONCE (husby was supposed to do the restock and didn't) and ended up going to the babysitter's on my lunch break with more. And then making Ell have a total meltdown when I had to leave without her.
        8Theresa Gould
        I think I have done more thank half of them thanks to having eight children to practice on!
          Guilty of # 2 3 8(i just watch her breathe though)11 16 17 19
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