Calling All Experienced WAHM and Working Moms to Flexible Employers

As I'm preparing to transition back into being a working mommy, I'd like to know from anyone that has been working from home how the experience has been and if you have any recommendations on flexible work at home jobs I may seek that may pay hourly plus commission?
Upon my search I've come across some obvious scams and some that seem great. However, if it's possible to find a WAH job that pays more than $9/$10 per hour it would be ideal for our situation. I do not have experience as a transcriptionist and most of those I've seen want experienced of only. I have 12+years experience in Real Estate Management and Sales which includes an extensive amount of customer service. I am open to complete career changes as well. I've also looked at the expert posting with some great possible work at home lists. Does anyone work for any of these companies? Can you give some insight? Or if you work for a different company can you advise how I may be a part of the team? Even if you work at a flexible job that isn't at home can you provide suggestions from experience? Ideally, one that wont cost an arm and a leg upfront if upfront costs are required. I do understand some legitimate places have some expenses. I'm just not working with a big budget at this time. :-)

Thank you so much to all of you :-)

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    8Theresa Gould
    You could be a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. There are Virtual Assistant companies out there that will hire you as a subcontractor. (I think) is one but I don't know if they are hiring.
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