Advice/Suggestions about Day Care

Okay, so I've posted how I'm on the hunt for employment to give us some financial relief. Ideally, being a SAHM is what we preferred until my lil man starts school. I do have a couple of potential opportunities that are not WAH jobs and one gives the potential to be a WAH after training and showing you can do the job. While still hunting, most of what I have found require 1-6 weeks of full-time training at the office and we do not have anyone we know and trust that can care for my son. Day care seems to be the only final option we have at this time. I'm excited for him to socialize more than he is now, making friends, and learning more but of course very nervous too. Hearing many horror stories lately on the news doesn't help and I understand anything anywhere can happen. To help ease this Mama Bears mind can anyone give some suggestions/advice? I plan to interview day cares this week and next week.

What questions would you ask?
Is there anything I should look for or look out for?
Are there any questions I may not think to ask but could have been helpful to know in advance?
If you or someone you know works at a day care is there anything that us as parents should be better informed about to make a sound decision?
If your children go to daycare or you know someone whose children do and they really like the place can you please share the name?
If anyone works at one of these facilities please feel free to give me any insight too. ;-)
A BIG Thank You in advance to all that respond. All of your insight is truly appreciated. :-) :-)

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        8Theresa Gould
        What about talking to other parents that use the facility?

        Asking for references maybe?
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