Taking the Backseat

Does anyone here feel like no one cares about you, what you can contribute and who you are because of your baby?

I don't really know how to explain it, but I went through this bout of depression because I felt like there was this baby bump-shaped shadow that I had to live under. I couldn't do anything or go anywhere without people reminding me that I'm pregnant (as if the protruding belly weren't enough of a reminder), rubbing my belly without asking, and worst of all, not talking to me unless it was baby related.
I still feel like there is more that Veronica has to offer besides a baby. I still feel like I have gifts and talents and abilities that people overlook because I'm pregnant and married. Really, and I've always had a problem with this, I want to be Veronica, not "his mom" or "His wife", if that makes any sense. Not that I want to undo what I've done, I just want to make a name for myself too, not just in relation to other people.

Am I a bad person for feeling this way? Should I just give it up and just be content with where I am right now?

Has anybody else ever felt this way?

    I think it's pretty understandable to feel frustrated if people are only talking to you about being pregnant/new mom stuff. That's one of the reasons I like that I am a work away from home mom, because I get to talk to people and work with people that care more about my contributions to work than about whether my kid pooped yesterday or what I am making for dinner that night. I would say to talk to your doc about it too though since sometimes it's just postpartum depression and there is nothing wrong with getting help to understand your feelings, etc. if that's what is going on :)
      Thanks ladies... I'm still pregnant so it's not PPD but it'd probably be best to sort out these feelings now before that does become an issue.

      An I'm glad I'm not alone. I was scared I was being a crappy person for having these feelings.
        8Theresa Gould
        Yes, it is very normal! I don't feel like that so much any more but use to when I had a bunch of little ones.
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