2 year old not talking

My son turned 2 on a May 27th and has never said anything except for momma, dada and uh oh. Over the last 3 days he has started pointing at things and saying "huh" until we tell him what it is. Is this a good sign? Does this mean he may start talking soon or am I getting excited over nothing?

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    I was worried about our youngest too but he took off at about 2.5 and hasn't stopped! I'd say give it a little more time. Liam is the youngest of five and has lots of talkers around him. I'd still mention it to your pediatrician.
      My cousin's daughter didn't speak at all until she was 3 and she is now 8 and loves talking all the time lol! However, I understand as I questioned myself the same when my son was 2 for the same especially when other children his age at play dates spoke more. I agree with Sheila, speak to him a lot! Engage in more conversations even though he may not be able to respond or answer a question. With consistency and positive reinforcement these little ones understand much more than we may see or hear. Here are some things I began doing that made some noticeable changes for my son that may help for you.

      I began sharing with him each day what our plans were. I would also tell him what it was I was doing (ex: after asking him if he was hungry, I would tell him as I was gathering the items-"Le't look in the fridge and see what kind of sandwich we could make", Then as I pull them out of the fridge I would show him the items and tell him what they are. Basically playing a "Show and Tell" game. :-) He is now in his "repeat what he hears" stage and so if he repeats anything during Show and Tell I'll respond with excitement and give him high 5's and tell him great job! He now enjoys going on his own at times and playing his own game of show and tell with me.

      He has been a letter lover since he learned the alphabet at 11 mo. and so I also got index cards and labeled furniture and various items throughout the house with bright markers. When I first began taping the labels he would follow me around excited to spell things out. After each spelling I would praise him and tell him what it spelled.

      Maybe some of these ideas can help your little one too ;-)
        Thank you everyone for your comments. I talk to him everyday and explain to him what we are doing but he's actually just started to seem interested in what I'm saying so that makes me happy. He understands everything I say because if I ask him to do something for me he does it, ex. Please pick up your toys, are you ready for bed, let's brush your teeth. So hopefully he will start answering me soon.
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