2 million dollars

So today I got two letters in the mail saying I won $1,140,000.00... is a great feeling but now my family and friends are doubting i can win money and have a life.. when i was pregnant with Ivy the age of 19.. they told me that my life was over and i will not be able to go to college or have a job... every time they doubt me I become more successful than them..

What do you moms think?

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      I'm glad you're taking measures to ensure you don't get scammed. I work at a bank and it was horrible to hear stories from people who cashed in checks or money orders thinking they were legit, and they had to pay sometimes upwards $200 some before they could get the rest of the cash. These things are definitely scams.

      I do have a cousin who had her first child at 13, and everyone in the family thought she was a loser, sad to say. Today she has proved everyone wrong. She is an awesome parent, home & business owner, her youngest is in a private high school, etc...

      Babies are a reward from heaven. Too bad that people say things that are harsh to make others think they can't succeed. I hope that whatever negative crap your family feeds you, is just more self determination for you to succeed in all your endeavors!
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