how to get a three year old to sleep in his bed?

Back in March both of my boys were sick and my three year old would get in bed with me. I didn't mind cause he was sick but now I can't get him to sleep in his room. Not sure what to do.

    My daughter doesn't sleep well when she's sick, in her bed or any other bed for that matter so even the couple of times she slept in my bed when she was sick, she never had a problem sleeping in her bed afterwards. But then, her and I share the same room so she knows that if she ever needs anything, she can just wake me up and I'll be right there. Maybe he really enjoyed having you so close that being alone in his bed isn't as comforting anymore. If he's not in a crib anymore, try teaching him that he can always get to you in your room if he needs you. If he is, then maybe just reassure him nightly that everyone sleeps in their own beds and that you'll see him in the morning, every morning. That's what I tell my daughter and it seems to help.
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